Industrial Green Chemistry World (IGCW)

IGCW-2017 is an expression to augment IGCW's overall scope and outcome with the core objective to drive industry implementation of green chemistry and engineering based technologies to sustainably address priority and pressing environmental challenges of our Chemical Industry.

IGCW-2017 will facilitate 5 expressions as tangible platforms for both- green chemistry based solution seekers (i.e. the Industry audience) as well as the green chemistry based solution providers (i.e.: the Technology leader companies, Start-up and Technocrats, Academia, Research Institutes and Govt. bodies), to participate and get connected for collaborative partnerships:

IGCW-2017 Symposium
Is the core expression of IGCW, which invites Speakers and experts from world-wide to address pressing issues and concerns of specific industry audience on each day of IGCW.

IGCW-2017 Expo
IGCW 2015 offer an apt industrial platform for start-ups, technocrats, green & clean technology companies, Researchers & Scientists to showcase their 'green' chemistry and/or green engineering relevant technologies and solutions at the IGCW-2015 Expo.

IGCW-2017 Awards
An evening to acknowledge, recognize and network with the leaders and implementers of industrial green chemistry and engineering.

IGCW-2017 180 degree Seminars
There are 3 hour subject - specific Seminars consisting of 3-4 case-study presentation by Speakers who are domain experts.

The 180 degree Seminars are designed to create a metaphorical "180" shift from the existing technical know-how on the subject to an implementable paradigm for Industrial Green Chemistry and Engineering practices as a door-step solution.

Seminar Topics :
Green Chemical Processes & Measurements Green Catalysts
Green Solvents Green Engineering

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Social Media

Get connected to over 15,000 green chemistry enthusiasts, both from Industry and Academia, from across the globe active on IGCW social media.
The e-IGCW network utilizes the IGCW social media platform to get connected to seekers or providers of green chemistry based solutions, technologies and/or practices. It is an ongoing virtual platform for the Chemical Industry to engage in and explore various green chemistry focused resources, events, initiatives and opportunities.


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